Chiropractic Care for TeensOne stereotype that many of us have of teenagers is that they are more likely to take chances that more experienced adults know not to take. You may see it in one teen doing flips and jumps on a skateboard or in another driving too fast in a parking lot. Not all teens are inclined to take such risks, but there is something about the development of a teen’s brain that can cause them to think they are invincible. Even if the teens in your life are not adventure-seekers or risk-takers, but instead play only the “normal” sports, they are straining their bodies perhaps more than they should. This means that teens can be good candidates for the kind of healthcare that we provide. Advanced Medical of Twin Cities provides chiropractic care for teens in and around St. Paul, MN.

Potential Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Teenagers

The care we provide, in fact, is comprehensive and holistic. We offer a full range of chiropractic treatments that address not only the symptoms that you are experiencing but also the underlying causes. It may not occur to you that the teens in your life can benefit from our chiropractic care, but we believe that your teen’s health can benefit from our treatment. If your teenager is active at normal to high levels, the chances are good that their bodies are taking the impact of that activity. Chiropractic care can help with posture in teens, can increase their overall mobility and is an all-natural alternative to pain management.

In addition, if your teenager is experiencing body pain from the accumulation of the activities they enjoy, they may benefit from massage therapy. If the pain they are experiencing is related to something more problematic, we may recommend a different combination of chiropractic treatments, which may include adjustment and acupuncture, in addition to massage therapy.

Schedule Routine Chiropractic Visits for Teens

Providing holistic care goes deeper than a recognition of the interrelatedness of the body’s systems. It also means providing the exact care that will be of maximum benefit to your teen. It is therefore important to know that our staff do all they can to understand the specific needs that your teen has. It should be noted that this is not a feature that we offer only to teens; it is something we offer to all of our clients precisely because chiropractic care can be of benefit to people of all ages.

If your teen has been injured in a fall, playing a sport, or has a repetitive motion injury from working at a computer, Advanced Medical of Twin Cities can help. Call us at (763) 541-1280 and we will be happy to schedule an appointment for you.