Scheduling An Appointment With The Chiropractor For Arthritis Pains

Scheduling An Appointment With The Chiropractor For Arthritis PainsArthritis is a painful disease that strikes millions of Americans. The painful inflammation of the joints can make it difficult to do even the easiest of tasks. If you are one of the millions suffering from chronic pain due to arthritis and are in search of a safe and natural treatment option, then chiropractic care is for you! The chiropractic team at Advanced Medical of Twin Cities focuses on your needs and will aim to reduce or eliminate pain by adjusting your spine and skeletal frame to correct your body alignment and hopefully, relieve stress.

Arthritis is simply defined as the swelling of any joints. The chronic pain symptoms can come Read Full Post

Acupuncture Treats What Conditions

Acupuncture Treatments In The Twin CitiesIncreased workload, less exercise, poor diet, more travel, financial stress, work stress and increased family stress. These things can place increased stress on our nervous system and body which results in physiological changes. Acute and chronic stress can lead to pain, anxiety, sleep issues, and digestive issues. Acupuncture is a drug-free way to manage stress. Advanced Medical of Twin Cities offers acupuncture services and is here to help. Read Full Post

Active Summer? Consider Sports Massage Therapy

Active Summer? Consider Sports Massage TherapySports massage is a specific type of massage that can be used by athletes or those that exercise frequently and intensively, to alleviate muscle pain and improve athletic performance. Many professional athletes utilize the help of massage therapists in recovering from sports related injury or pain. It is common for sports teams to employ massage therapists to help with their team. Here is an overview of Read Full Post

Improving Your Posture To Relieve Back Pain

Improving Your Posture To Relieve Back PainWhile maintaining good posture might sound like something your parents lectured your younger self about, good posture has a lot of benefits. Maintaining good posture is also one of the easiest changes you can do to improve your health.

Why good posture matters: Modern American life has become extremely sedentary. Office work, commuting, watching TV, playing video games, reading, etc. all involve a lot of sitting and not enough movement. Worse, we frequently slouch while sitting. Read Full Post

Summer Vacation Travel And Chiropractic Care

Summer Vacations Travel And Chiropractic CareWhen summer arrives, many people decide to take vacations while the weather is optimal. Summer travel can easily lead to aches and pains when there is a need to sit in a vehicle or plane for long periods of time. Learn how to reduce the chance of discomfort, what to do if you do experience pain, and how chiropractic care from Advanced Medical of Twin Cities can help.

When traveling, it is important to take the time to move your body around at routine intervals. Failing to move around could lead to neck pain Read Full Post

National Breastfeeding Month: Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding Consultant MinnesotaAugust is National Breastfeeding Month and is a month dedicated to advancing advocacy, protection, and promotion of breastfeeding to ensure that all families have the opportunity to breastfeed. While breastfeeding is instinctive and innate for a newborn baby, it doesn’t always come without some difficulties. Unfortunately, many healthcare professionals overseeing a new mom and her baby are unaware of the connection between stress on a newborn’s spine and breastfeeding difficulties. Physical stress on a newborn’s spine is often a result of poor positioning in utero and trauma related to the… Read Full Post

Seeking Chiropractic Care Following An Accident At The Workplace

Seeking Chiropractic Care Following An Accident At The WorkplaceAfter a workplace accident occurs, it could cause injury or discomfort. When it comes to work-related injuries, there is often a lot of confusion around workers’ compensation and whether chiropractic care is covered. Workers’ compensation varies by state. However, in the state of Minnesota, if you are injured on the job, chiropractic care is covered under workers’ compensation. If you have suffered a workplace injury and are dealing with back or neck pain or lack of mobility, come to see a chiropractor at Advanced Medical of the Twin Cities as soon as you can!

When most people consider workers’ compensation, they typically think of massive injuries that occur on the job. While falls and overexertion lead to many workplace injuries, other common injuries include: Read Full Post

Cupping Therapy Services In Minneapolis

Cupping Therapy Services In MinneapolisIf you’ve seen people with perfect red circles on their backs, or around their bodies, then you’ve seen the aftermath of cupping therapy. This popular treatment has gained regard over the past decade as it can help extract toxins, reduce pain, and more!

During a cupping session, heated glass or plastic cups are placed at specific points on your body. Your practitioner will help determine the most optimal placement for those cups, depending on what you are looking to treat Read Full Post

Nutrition And Chiropractic Care In The Twin Cities

Nutrition And Chiropractic Care In The Twin CitiesYou go to the chiropractor to get adjusted, removing troublesome subluxations that affect your body’s ability to heal and function well. But did you know you can go to your chiropractor for nutritional care, as well? According to a study from the National Institute of Health, 80% of chiropractors from a New York State study reported using nutritional counseling in their practice Read Full Post

Headache Relief With Chiropractic Care

Headache Relief With Chiropractic CareIt’s estimated that 90% of people in the United States experience frequent headaches, often due to tension and stress. If you’re looking for an alternative to medications to finally resolve your tension headache pain, it’s time to consider the many benefits of chiropractic care. The team of experienced chiropractors at Advanced Medical of Twin Cities in MN offers customized chiropractic care to relieve tension in your neck and shoulders that contribute to tension headaches. Read Full Post