Coping With Work-Related Stress

Coping With Work-Related StressThis is the time of year when we all may feel a little more stress due to the demands of the holidays. Unfortunately, stress at work can be a year-round issue further aggravated during these months. Everyone can benefit by learning skills to manage anxiety and fear at the workplace. The team at Advanced Medical of Twin Cities offers natural, effective stress relief, while incorporating the following strategies:

Relaxation helps reverse the physical effects of the fight-or-flight response. For instance, progressive muscle relaxation helps reduce muscle tension Read Full Post

Back Pain From Shoveling Snow

Back Pain From Shoveling SnowIt is definitely the time of year when we spend more time shoveling snow. Shoveling snow is one of the most common causes of back strain and more serious back injury. Advanced Medical of Twin Cities can both prepare you for the coming months of snow shoveling and respond to the strain and/or injury that occurs from having to do so much of it.

Removing snow from sidewalks and driveways is necessary for most homeowners, and even those who enjoy the less intensive work associated with using a snow blower are still forced to move a heavy tool around a slippery surface. Snow blowers make snow removal easier, but they do not necessarily make snow removal easy

Why Sports Massage Therapy

Why Sports Massage TherapySports massage is a specific type of massage that can be used by athletes or those that exercise frequently and intensively, to alleviate muscle pain and improve athletic performance. Many professional athletes utilize the help of massage therapists in recovering from sports related injury or pain. It is common for sports teams to employ massage therapists to help with their team. Here is an overview of how athletes or those that actively work out can benefit from regular massage.

Sports massage can enhance recovery after exercise, as it helps to repair muscle damage. It is reported that up to 45% of the total time in therapy for sports-related injuries involves sports massage. The benefits of a sports massage also include increasing blood flow. There are several other benefits, some of which include: Read Full Post

Chiropractic Help With Arthritis

Chiropractic Help With ArthritisArthritis can be a debilitating disease and interfere with your everyday life. If you are seeking a safe, natural treatment to manage the painful symptoms of arthritis, a chiropractic approach can be an option. Chiropractors are trained to use many techniques to help ease pain and tension that can be specific to your needs, including arthritis. The main goal in chiropractic care at Advanced Medical of Twin Cities is to alleviate pain by adjusting in the spine and skeleton to relieve stress and correct alignment and balance within the body.

Arthritis is categorized as inflammation of one or more joints. Symptoms of arthritis can appear suddenly or develop over time. Common symptoms of arthritis involve the joint and include pain, limited motion, swelling, and stiffness. Read Full Post

Acupuncture For Holiday Stress

Acupuncture For Holiday StressIncreased workload, less exercise, poor diet, more travel, financial stress, and family stress. Many of us suffer from one or all of these symptoms during the holiday season. These things can place increased stress on our nervous system and body which results in physiological changes. Acute and chronic stress can lead to pain, anxiety, sleep issues, and digestive issues. Acupuncture is a drug-free way to manage stress associated with the holiday season. Advanced Medical of Twin Cities offers acupuncture services and is here to help Read Full Post

Non-Invasive Lower Back Pain Relief

Non-Invasive Lower Back Pain ReliefIt may sound strange to say that people who suffer an acute injury that forces them to seek medical help are lucky, but please consider this: The person who feels a terrible pain in the lower back after lifting a heavy box without using proper form knows immediately–or nearly so–that medical help is likely going to be needed. By comparison, the person who gradually gets used to the slowly increasing discomfort in the lower back as a result of years of lifting heavy boxes without using proper form may do more long-term damage by not Read Full Post

Non-Invasive Migraine Relief

non-invasive-migraine-reliefIf you have experienced migraine headaches, you know the symptoms – light and sound sensitivity, intense headache (throbbing) and nausea are very common. Migraines are extremely common, impacting nearly 45 million individuals in the US. While you may know what causes your migraines, it can be extremely difficult to treat them. One of the keys is to try to catch a migraine headache early and avoid any triggers that you have like certain foods, alcohol and even stress. Millions of dollars are spent each year on over the counter and prescription medications to treat migraine headaches Read Full Post

Non-Invasive Treatment For Headache Relief

Headaches can range from annoying to debilitating, and it is estimated that more than 45 million Americans battle frequent migraines or tension headaches. Some headaches can be traced back to a specific action (missing a meal, stress, dehydration, or alcohol consumption) and other times, headaches can come on without warning and cannot be connected to anything specific. Treatment for headaches can range from over-the-counter pain reducers to changes to diet and exercise and changes to sleep schedule. Advanced Medical of Twin Cities has helped many clients finally find relief from headaches with a comprehensive and non-invasive treatment approach.

Natural Migrane Headache Relief

If you experience multiple headaches each week (or month), then you should consider seeking treatment rather than relying on over-the-counter medicines Read Full Post

Holistic Treatment For Lower Back Pain

Holistic Treatment For Lower Back PainSome pain in the body can be tolerated, but lower back pain is hard to live with on a daily basis. So much of our daily movements require the use of your back and if you are experiencing ongoing lower back pain, chances are that you are in consistent pain for the majority of each day. If you are looking for a way to achieve lower back pain relief without having to rely on pain medication or an invasive procedure with a long recovery, it is time for you to stop by Advanced Medical of Twin Cities. We offer effective treatment, centered around holistic methods, to help you experience pain relief in your lower back. Read Full Post

Effective Chiropractic Services For The Whole Family

Effective Chiropractic Services For The Whole FamilyWouldn’t it be nice to have a medical practice that could provide effective medical treatment for the whole family? Whether you have a young kid recovering from a sports injury or an elderly parent looking for natural relief from their arthritis pain, our team at Advanced Medical of Twin Cities can help your entire family achieve pain relief naturally. We are proud to offer effective chiropractic services for the whole family.

One of the reasons that chiropractic care is continuing to become more and more popular is because it is a safe form of medical treatment Read Full Post