Causes of Back Pain

Causes of Back PainAll around the world, people are complaining about their backs. From minor to major back pain, this injury can inhibit our quality of life and diminish our spirits. It is a well- known fact that back pain is the leading cause of disability in America, and over 31 million Americans have experienced some sort of back pain in their adulthood. There are so many reasons that back pain can occur. Understanding the cause of your back pain can significantly improve your back pain treatments. Read Full Post

Pain Management With Mechanical Traction In Golden Valley

Pain Management With Mechanical Traction In Golden ValleyThe disruptions that chronic neck or back pain causes can be difficult to deal with. It can be difficult to carry out daily activities, and even to maintain a healthy lifestyle as simple exercises may cause pain. You may have heard of traction therapy if you suffer from neck or back pain. Advanced Medical of Twin Cities offers this and other services. Read Full Post

Tips To Prevent Back Injuries While Working Outdoors

Tips To Prevent Back Injuries While Working OutdoorsAs the weather begins to turn cooler, many people tend to spend more time outdoors. Oftentimes, this time is spent doing yard work such as fall-season gardening, cleaning gutters, trimming bushes, and of course, raking up the millions of warm-colored leaves that fall to the ground this season. This season, more and more people report injuries to their backs due to completing this type of work. Improper posture while doing these chores, lifting heavy objects, or contorting your body Read Full Post

Ergonomics In The Workplace

Ergonomics In The WorkplaceFor many people post-pandemic, working from home is the normal way of doing business. Some still go into an office to work daily. Regardless of your location, there has been an uptick of people experiencing back pain due to improper and uncomfortable office chairs and the lack of a proper ergonomic setup.

It is important that you create a workspace that is beneficial Read Full Post

Back Pain From Shoveling Snow

Back Pain From Shoveling SnowIt is definitely the time of year when we spend more time shoveling snow. Shoveling snow is one of the most common causes of back strain and more serious back injury. Advanced Medical of Twin Cities can both prepare you for the coming months of snow shoveling and respond to the strain and/or injury that occurs from having to do so much of it.

Removing snow from sidewalks and driveways is necessary for most homeowners, and even those who enjoy the less intensive work associated with using a snow blower are still forced to move a heavy tool around a slippery surface. Snow blowers make snow removal easier, but they do not necessarily make snow removal easy

Non-Invasive Lower Back Pain Relief

Non-Invasive Lower Back Pain ReliefIt may sound strange to say that people who suffer an acute injury that forces them to seek medical help are lucky, but please consider this: The person who feels a terrible pain in the lower back after lifting a heavy box without using proper form knows immediately–or nearly so–that medical help is likely going to be needed. By comparison, the person who gradually gets used to the slowly increasing discomfort in the lower back as a result of years of lifting heavy boxes without using proper form may do more long-term damage by not Read Full Post