Tips To Prevent Back Injuries While Working OutdoorsAs the weather begins to turn cooler, many people tend to spend more time outdoors. Oftentimes, this time is spent doing yard work such as fall-season gardening, cleaning gutters, trimming bushes, and of course, raking up the millions of warm-colored leaves that fall to the ground this season. This season, more and more people report injuries to their backs due to completing this type of work. Improper posture while doing these chores, lifting heavy objects, or contorting your body in ways that it is not used to can all lead to immense back pains. The chiropractic team at Advanced Medical of Twin Cities are standing by to help relieve you of your back tensions and provide practical advice to avoid further injury.

Stretching And Warming Up Your Muscles

Most people think only of stretching and warming up before playing sports or, perhaps, before a workout at the gym. Just as it’s important to stretch before going to the gym or playing a sport, it’s important to stretch before any physical activity and potential strain to the body’s muscles. There are a good number of benefits to stretching before climbing up into the attic to bring down boxes of holiday decorations or before raking an entire yard of leaves. A good stretch and warm up promotes healthy blood circulation and will help to prevent muscle strain.

Being Aware Of Pour Posture

How many of you were taught to sit up in church or at the dinner table? But what about keeping your spine straight when raking. Of course not. It’s very common for people, as they rake, to be bending downwards and hunched over the rake. Without paying attention, you can be in this position for hours as you work in the yard. You may not even notice the pains until you go to straighten up. Ouch! Keeping the spine as straight as possible when doing any work, ensuring that we lift heavier objects with our legs (by bending at the knees and not at the waist), and ensuring that the spine is not bent in any way that causes the head/neck to strain to be able to look straight forward.

Relief From Back Pain In

No matter what the reason that you have back pain, the team at Advanced Medical has the means to find you some relief. From mechanical traction to massage therapy, acupuncture, spinal decompression, and of course spinal adjustments, if you find yourself suffering from back pain, call Advanced Medical and suffer no more! Call (763) 541-1280 to schedule a consultation or appointment.