Nutrition And Chiropractic Care In The Twin Cities

Nutrition And Chiropractic Care In The Twin CitiesYou go to the chiropractor to get adjusted, removing troublesome subluxations that affect your body’s ability to heal and function well. But did you know you can go to your chiropractor for nutritional care, as well? According to a study from the National Institute of Health, 80% of chiropractors from a New York State study reported using nutritional counseling in their practice Read Full Post

Putting Some Extra Spring In your Step

Spring is a great time to get outside and put pep in your step. The sunshine and warmer weather can be strong motivators for people to go outside and play. They bring the benefits of natural vitamin D, fresh air, longer days, and the potential to do more. It can also offer changes to your fitness routine as you become more active. As your energy and activity levels rise, your nervous system will be tested in many new ways. Gardening, walking, running, bike riding, organized sports and pick-up games become part of your routine and all these activities will be more enjoyable if your spine and nervous system are healthy Read Full Post

Dealing With Neck Spasms

Dealing With Neck SpasmsA neck spasm is a sudden tightening and tension in the muscles of the neck. If you experience a neck spasm, it often feels like a sharp pain occurring in one or more areas of the neck and may be followed or accompanied by deep muscle pain that makes movement uncomfortable. Common activities that can cause neck spasms include working at a computer, slouching, bending the head up or down for long periods of time, side-sleeping or back-sleeping on a pillow not suited for your body, exercising vigorously, or excessive stretching. Severe neck spasms can occur Read Full Post

Massage Therapy For Multiple Health Conditions

Massage Therapy For Your Health ConditionsMassage provides numerous therapeutic benefits for the body and mind and can be a valuable tool to help treat various health conditions. The certified massage therapists at Advanced Medical in the Twin Cities have diverse training in several different techniques. A consultation with their massage therapists will determine the appropriate technique for your healing.

Massage can significantly reduce muscle tension and chronic pain through the act of applying a certain pressure on the body. By applying various techniques, massage can increase blood circulation Read Full Post

How Weather Affects Joints

How Weather Affects JointsAs the weather changes, joint pain is a symptom experienced by many. There are several theories as to why pain surfaces during weather changes. Overall joint and bone pain are one of the most common symptoms reported. The correlation between changing weather and bone/joint pain has been studied for years, and while no conclusive evidence exists, there are many people who strongly believe the weather plays a role in their pain.

Theories behind weather and joint pain often cite barometric pressure as a primary reason for joint pain. Barometric pressure is the weight of the atmosphere that surrounds us, and as the weather changes, the barometric pressure drops, which can cause joints to swell Read Full Post

Chiropractic Treatment After A Car Accident

Chiropractic Treatment After A Car AccidentDriving around in the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area can literally be a hazard to your health. Vehicle crashes occur daily due to negligent motorists. If you find yourself in this unfortunate circumstance, one of the best things you can do is to get the care that you need. Seeking systematic and individualized care from Advanced Medical in the Twin Cities can help you to start healing from your injuries.

It is unfortunate, but in many cases, unless there are some very serious injuries involved, crash victims do not seek out medical care – a critical mistake. In the moments immediately Read Full Post