Sports Massage

Sports Massage Therapist Golden Valley, MNAdvanced Medical of Twin Cities offers comprehensive care for those who have suffered from a sports injury or could benefit from massage in between athletic performances. A sports massage is used both to assist with performance or recovery time between activities. Our Certified Massage Therapists can employ massage therapy for a large number of sports injuries and we will make sure that the techniques we use to treat you will be customized for you. Sports massage is one tool that can prove highly effective in reducing overall pain and improving range of motion for all athletes.

The team at Advanced Medical offers injury rehabilitation massage to help athletes recover after injury. Our ultimate goal is to help you return to your pre-injury condition. We will work closely with you to determine the nature of your injury and develop a customized treatment plan. Read Full Post

Massage Therapy Techniques

Massage Therapy TechniquesMassage therapy is more than a way to take a break from the hustle and bustle of one’s busy schedule. In fact, there are quite a few benefits that massage therapy can provide. If you’ve struggled with nagging pain that simply will not go away, it is time to stop relying on pain medication that only provides temporarily relief, and start relying on effective massage therapy techniques. If you are in the Golden Valley or Plymouth, MN area, look no further than our experienced massage therapists at Advanced Medical of Twin Cities. We offer a wide variety of massage therapy techniques that will provide you natural pain relief once and for all. Read Full Post

Insurance Approved Work Injury Doctor Golden Valley, MN

Insurance-Approved Work Injury Doctor Golden Valley, MNWhen you’re injured at work, your first thought may very well be how am I going to pay for this? The good news is that just like going to the doctor, many chiropractors are covered by insurance companies. And at Advanced Medical of Twin Cities, we’re one such chiropractic clinic. As Golden Valley, Plymouth and Minnetonka, MN insurance-approved chiropractors, we work with numerous insurance companies to see that patients get the care they need – at a reasonable price. Read Full Post

Family Chiropractic Care Golden Valley

Family Chiropractic Care Golden ValleyWhen it comes to your family, the health of each person should be a top priority. Whether you have a toddler, child involved in sports or a spouse that has nagging pain, investing in chiropractic care for your family is a great way to gain natural pain relief and to strengthen your body back to its full strength without having to rely on surgery or pain medication. Serving the Golden Valley, MN area, look no further than Advanced Medical of Twin Cities for your natural family chiropractic care.
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Whiplash Treatment Plymouth MN

WhiplashAdvanced Medical of Twin Cities, based in Golden Valley, serves Plymouth and many other communities in Minnesota, providing excellent care for patients in need of treatment for whiplash. Our team can help you recover from a car accident, fall, or other accident that has left you with whiplash. Whiplash is a trauma most often associated with car accidents, but it can happen as a result of other sources of trauma. It occurs when your body sustains an impact that causes a whipping action of your neck, damaging the surrounding soft tissue (muscles and ligaments). Advanced Medical offers a medical and chiropractic approach to your recovery, increasing the likelihood that you will get back to your pre-accident condition. Read Full Post

Benefits Of Massage Therapy

Benefits Of Massage TherapyWhen you think of getting a massage, you may assume that the primary benefit is an hour of quiet, calm and relaxation. While these are important and real benefits of massage, there are additional health benefits that you might not be aware of. Massage therapy can play a key role in your overall health program and can be an important component in achieving optimal health. Other benefits of massage therapy include: Read Full Post