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Arthritis is a condition that does not only affect older people, yet actually affects thousands of people no matter their age. Arthritis itself consists of many different conditions, ranging from tendonitis to crippling conditions like rheumatoid arthritis.

Causes of Arthritis

  • Your genetic makeup.
  • A physically demanding job, especially one with repetitive movements.
  • A previous injury.
  • Some infections or allergic reactions may cause short-term arthritis. When it is caused by an infection it is known as “reactive arthritis”.
  • For a number of people certain foods can either bring on arthritis symptoms, or make existing ones worse.
  • Obesity, which places extra strain on joints
  • Arthritis may also be caused by autoimmune disease.

Chiropractic Care and Arthritis

arthritisChiropractic care has offered pain relief from arthritis, as well as maintaining mobility. Chiropractic treatments for arthritis help to increase the range of motion in the affected joint and allows for more natural movement. Allowing joints to move naturally and properly will aid in the healing of the joints. Nobody wants their arthritis to become more painful and working with a chiropractor will certainly have many benefits for this condition!

If you or your loved ones are suffering from arthritis or any other type of joint pain, we can help. Our treatments can provide immediate relief without the use of drugs or surgery. Please contact our office today for an appointment.


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