Auto Accident Injury Rehabilitation Golden Valley

Auto Accident Injury Rehabilitation Golden ValleyEven a very minor car accident that was not your fault can cause you long standing health issues. When the injuries are severe, they are often treated right away (often at a hospital) and the diagnostic tools used can give you definitive answers about broken bones and other acute injuries. However, if your injuries do not present severely at the scene, you may head home, thinking how lucky you are. For some, that is the end of it – well, except for dealing with the damage to your vehicle, of course. For others, however, you may feel just fine right after the accident but then wake up with unusual soreness, a headache, soft tissue injury or neck pain Read Full Post

Relieving Chronic Knots in Runners with Cupping Therapy

Relieving Chronic Knots in Runners with Cupping TherapyFor runners in Minnesota, chronic knots and muscle tightness are often part and parcel of the sport. Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or a casual jogger, the strain on muscles and connective tissues can lead to persistent discomfort. At Advanced Medical of Twin Cities, we understand the unique challenges runners face, and our cupping therapy offers a targeted approach to alleviate chronic knots and promote recovery. Read Full Post

Unveiling The Healing Potential Of Massage Therapy

At Advanced Medical of Twin Cities, we take pride in offering a wide spectrum of holistic healthcare services designed to enhance your overall well-being. Today, we want to shine a spotlight on a service that often flies under the radar – massage therapy. Massage therapy can be a powerful tool in your journey towards optimal health and wellness.

Massage therapy is an ancient healing art that involves the manipulation of soft tissues Read Full Post

Putting That Extra Spring In Your Step

Putting That Extra Spring In Your StepSpring is the perfect time to go outside and get your energy up. Sunshine and warmer temperatures can motivate people to play outside. The sun and warmer weather bring with them the benefits of vitamin D from natural sources, fresh air, longer daylight hours, and the possibility to do more. As you get more active, it can also change your fitness routine. Your nervous system will be put to the test in new ways as your energy levels and level of activity increase. As you become more active, your nervous system and spine will be tested in new ways.

Promote flexibility and activity: It’s time to move! The less pain you experience, the more you will want to Read Full Post

Top 5 Benefits Of Therapeutic Massage

Top 5 Benefits Of Therapeutic MassageAs stress and anxiety have become commonplace in modern life, prioritizing our physical and mental well-being has never been more critical. Therapeutic massage stands out as an effective strategy that can bring many physical and psychological advantages; Advanced Medical of Twin Cities recognizes this ancient healing art’s impactful benefits by including it within their holistic healthcare approach. We explore some of these advantages here in this post!

Therapeutic massage offers many health advantages, with one being its ability to ease tensions and induce deep relaxation. Read Full Post

Twin Cities Car Accident Injury Relief

Twin Cities Car Accident Injury ReliefWhen you are involved in a car accident, you can suffer a wide variety of physical injuries on top of psychological trauma and financial stress. Some of the physical injuries are acute and need to be treated immediately by a health care provider, urgent care or emergency room and other injuries seem to be more nagging and linger for days, weeks or even months. Even minor injuries can be difficult to resolve. The impact of a car accident can result in injuries Read Full Post