Chiropractor In Golden Valley, MN With Doctor Onsite

Chiropractor In Golden Valley, MN With Doctor OnsiteIn the United States alone, chronic pain affects an estimated 50 million adults. It can have a profound impact on all aspects of your life: work, sleep, and cognitive functions alike. Therefore, seeking relief from chronic pain should be seen as a basic human right. Golden Valley residents suffering from chronic pain will know that they’ve tried many doctors in the past to find relief. Many also turn to massage and physical therapy as ways of managing Read Full Post

Putting That Extra Spring In Your Step

Putting That Extra Spring In Your StepSpring is the perfect time to go outside and get your energy up. Sunshine and warmer temperatures can motivate people to play outside. The sun and warmer weather bring with them the benefits of vitamin D from natural sources, fresh air, longer daylight hours, and the possibility to do more. As you get more active, it can also change your fitness routine. Your nervous system will be put to the test in new ways as your energy levels and level of activity increase. As you become more active, your nervous system and spine will be tested in new ways.

Promote flexibility and activity: It’s time to move! The less pain you experience, the more you will want to Read Full Post

Chiropractic Tips For Healthy Summer Travel

Chiropractic Tips For Healthy Summer TravelAs summer arrives, many of us look forward to embarking on exciting travels and experiencing new places with family and friends. Unfortunately, travel can often leave us feeling worn-out. I understand the importance of keeping our spinal health and overall well-being in check while on the move and offer helpful tips in this blog post to ensure a healthier travel experience. Read Full Post

Putting Some Extra Spring In your Step

Spring is a great time to get outside and put pep in your step. The sunshine and warmer weather can be strong motivators for people to go outside and play. They bring the benefits of natural vitamin D, fresh air, longer days, and the potential to do more. It can also offer changes to your fitness routine as you become more active. As your energy and activity levels rise, your nervous system will be tested in many new ways. Gardening, walking, running, bike riding, organized sports and pick-up games become part of your routine and all these activities will be more enjoyable if your spine and nervous system are healthy Read Full Post

Ergonomics In Avoiding Neck And Back Pain

Ergonomics In Avoiding Neck And Back PainMany of our patients spend much of their day sitting at their desks. There’s ample evidence that too much sitting is bad for your spine, but what can you do if it is required for your job? If you’re suffering from neck pain or back pain, Advanced Medical of the Twin Cities can create a custom treatment plan just for you, that will give you help on your road to recovery!

Here are our tips to improve your workspace so you can feel better at the end of the day Read Full Post

The Potential Effects Of Stress

The Potential Effects Of StressProlonged stress can not only worsen the symptoms of other medical issues, but also can be problematic on its own. The negative effects of stress and inflammation are now better understood than ever before, and we are seeing the results of the toxic combination in everything from depression and anxiety to cardiac problems, high blood pressure, headaches and other serious conditions. Of course, it is important to note that prolonged stress does not always lead to more serious illness, but it is important to pay attention to the role stress has in your life so that you can work to reduce it or even eliminate the stress in your life. Read Full Post