Massage after an auto accident

Chiropractic Care Near MeAuto accidents are often complicated, and many times dealing with insurance, filling out required accident reports, figuring out a rental car, etc can be so time consuming and difficult that you may forget to take care of yourself.

Oftentimes when people get into fender benders, they are under the belief that because the accident was not “terrible”, they must not be in a lot of pain, or have a serious injury. This is a common misunderstanding of auto accidents. Oftentimes, the day of the accident you will experience a decent amount of discomfort. However, there are many times when victims of the accident only feel, some pains in the neck, back arms or legs. The amount of adrenaline that rushes through our bodies following an accident can tend to mask the severity of the injuries that a person may have sustained during the accident. Read Full Post

Car Accident Cause What Issues?

auto accidentCar accidents can cause major health issues, even if they are not major. Oftentimes car accidents no matter how minor produce a whiplash action and cause neck injury, this injury is the damage of soft tissue structure. Abnormal joint function is common after whiplash trauma and can lead to a variety of disorders, including but not limited to the following: Read Full Post

Certified Massage Therapy

massage therapyMassage therapy is one type of holistic treatment option that is gaining momentum. More and more people are interested in having their body heal naturally after an injury rather than relying solely on pain medication. Massage therapy is more than what you may have experienced when using the massage gift certificate that your family gave you for your birthday. If you are in the Golden Valley or Plymouth, MN area, our certified massage therapists at Advanced Medical of Twin Cities are here to help you achieve natural pain relief from whatever injury that you may be dealing with. Read Full Post


WhiplashWhiplash is a severely uncomfortable injury to suffer through, and if you’re interested in maintaining your health in the long-term, it’s best to seek treatment for a whiplash injury as soon as possible to avoid doing more damage or allowing a whiplash injury to affect you permanently. At Advanced Medical of Twin Cities, our Golden Valley, Minnesota whiplash doctors can help you get back to your pre-injury state, free from your whiplash injuries. Through chiropractic and massage therapy treatments, we’ll help rehabilitate your neck, back, shoulders, or extremities – whatever area of your body has been affected by your whiplash injury. Read Full Post

Chiropractic Clinic in Golden Valley

Pain Relief DoctorStruggling with lingering pain that will not seem to go away? Have you recently been involved in an auto accident? Did your child get injured during their team’s athletic event recently? When it comes to managing the pain you are experiencing, pursuing a holistic approach is ideal. What good is relying on pain medication for your relief? Pain medication is a temporary solution that does not help the underlying issues that your body is dealing with. Chiropractic care on the other hand, is extremely effective in providing individuals with natural pain relief. If you are in the Golden Valley, Minnetonka or Plymouth, MN area, Advanced Medical of Twin Cities has some natural solutions for you. Don’t waste any more time as our chiropractic clinic in Golden Valley is eager to assist you with your natural pain management options. Read Full Post


ChiropractorLooking for chiropractic care in Golden Valley? At Advanced Medical of Twin Cities, we offer quality chiropractic care with outstanding results. From car accidents to chronic work habits, the chiropractors at Advanced Medical of Twin Cities are here to listen to your concerns and help you to begin the healing process and get you on the road to wellness.

Why Chiropractic Care?

If you are tired of taking pain medications that only temporarily mask the pain, it’s time that you find another way to heal. Unfortunately, these drugs do not fix the problem and should not be a long term solution to your problems. Chiropractic care is a natural way to make a positive impact on your health and at Advanced Medical of Twin Cities, we do our part in creating an atmosphere for positive healing. Chiropractic adjustments are frequently done to correct a patient’s misaligned bones and joints. Misalignment within your body can place pressure on your nervous system which can result in improper functioning of the body. Through chiropractic care, we correct this misalignment, alleviating the pressure and improving overall body function. Read Full Post