Pain Management With Mechanical Traction In Golden ValleyThe disruptions that chronic neck or back pain causes can be difficult to deal with. It can be difficult to carry out daily activities, and even to maintain a healthy lifestyle as simple exercises may cause pain. You may have heard of traction therapy if you suffer from neck or back pain. Advanced Medical of Twin Cities offers this and other services.

Definition Of Mechanical Traction Therapy

Traction can be defined as a “therapeutic method for relieving pain by stretching and realigning your spine.” It straightens your spine and improves the body’s natural ability to heal. Traction is used for treating fractures and the spine, as well as the neck. It is most used to treat pain in the cervical spine or lumbar spinal region.

Different Types Of Mechanical Traction Therapy

There are two main types of traction therapies: manual traction and mechanical spinal therapy. Manual spinal traction is a therapy where a doctor or therapist uses their hands to place their patient in a state of traction. Mechanical spinal traction involves the patient lying on a table equipped with a stretcher. Spinal traction can be used to treat conditions such as sciatica and degenerative disc disease. It is also effective for treating herniated disks.

Benefits And Uses Of Mechanical Traction

Advanced Medical of Twin Cities utilizes a spinal-decompression system. This is like an old-fashioned table of traction but uses modern technology that allows your doctor to treat you with greater precision and accuracy. The decompression table will move and produce a force on targeted areas. Patients are strapped into the table. The system gently pulls the spine apart, creating a vacuum that pulls the discs into place.

Traction Therapy Services In Golden Valley Minnesota

Not everyone is a candidate for spinal decompression or traction therapy. You may not want to try this treatment if you are over 70 years old, pregnant, have severe obesity, or suffer from severe osteoporosis. We can provide you with a consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for traction.

Contact the team at Advanced Medical Twin Cities if you would like to learn more about traction as a therapy or our newest traction table. You can reach us by calling (763) 541-280 or sending an email using our online form.