Slip and Fall Injury TreatmentWhile slips and falls may seem like a simple accident, the number of deaths related to those accidents are alarming. In 2015, over 33,000 people died from a fall. Every year, the emergency rooms across the country fill up with over 8 million patients whose main complaint is either a fall or slip. Slips and falls can be a devastation to your quality of life. At Advanced Medical of Twin Cities, we not only want to help you recover after your slip and fall, but we want you to feel better than you’ve ever felt before. With over 100 years of combined experience, our team offers slip and fall injury rehabilitation that works.

Individually Designed Treatment

At Advanced Medical of Twin Cities, we believe that every aspect of our treatments should be individualized to the specific patient, their injury and their overall needs. When you step into a standard medical facility, it’s not uncommon to be treated as a number. Our culture tends to blanket diagnoses and treat according to the standard. At Advanced Medical of Twin Cities, we want to go beyond the standard. We will speak with your about your slip and fall and then perform a full evaluation of your health. This is done by a medical doctor and chiropractor who will address every aspect of your health to best determine how we can help you to heal.

Accommodating all Types of Injuries

Once we have gained a full sense of what is going on with your body, we will come up with an individualized plan that suits your needs. We frequently utilize our chiropractic, massage therapy and acupuncture services after falls and slips. Massage therapy has been known to speed up recovery, release toxins that your body may be building and allow your body to relax. Acupuncture therapy may be needed to allow your body to heal itself and target your problem areas. Additionally, chiropractic services are extremely helpful when you are trying to recover after a fall and bring you back to your original strength. We also may give you an individualized stretching plan and exercises for you to complete at home to build your strength back and restore your health.

Advanced Medical of Twin Cities is a state of the art rehabilitation center that houses experts in physical rehabilitation after a slip and fall. If you are looking for a quality facility that is unparalleled in expertise and their commitment to holistic wellness, look no further than Advanced Medical of Twin Cities. For more information about slip and fall injury rehabilitation, give us a call today at (763) 541-1280.