Best Chiro in The Minneapolis Area

Best Chiropractor in the Twin CitiesIf you’ve been injured in an auto accident, or simply are looking for injury treatment for a wide array of ailments, chiropractic services can be a great, non-invasive way to seek relief from pain. While there are a large number of chiropractors in the area, few have the experience and wide variety of services offered by arguably the best chiro in the Minneapolis area, Advanced Medical of Twin Cities. Read Full Post

Homeopathic Doctors By Me

Homeopathic Doctor Near MeAt Advanced Medical of Twin Cities, we pride ourselves in taking a homeopathic approach to medicine. Our homeopathic doctors by you understand that all patients that come through our doors are different, which means that each holistic treatment plan that we develop for each patient must also be different as well. Whether you’re dealing with an ongoing condition or injury that has been holding you down for years or if you’ve recently been involved in an accident, our homeopathic doctors at Advanced Medical of Twin Cities are here to help you recover naturally. Read Full Post

How Chiropractic Care Can Help Arthritis Pain

how-chiropractic-care-can-help-arthritis-painIf you’re experiencing pain due to arthritis, you’ve likely tried various treatment options. One type of treatment that you may not have tried is chiropractic care. At Advanced Medical of Twin Cities, we help many of our patients find relief from arthritis and other medical conditions. Reach out to our office today to schedule an appointment.

Chiropractic Care and Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis Read Full Post

Cupping Therapy Golden Valley

Cupping Therapy Golden ValleyIf you’ve heard of cupping therapy but are unsure of what it entails, feel free to read more about this new service we now offer at Advanced Medical of Twin Cities. Feel free to reach out to our office if you have any questions about cupping therapy after reading this in-depth blog.

There is some confusion surrounding where cupping actually originated. Some claim that the Read Full Post

Auto Accident Injury Rehabilitation Golden Valley

Auto Accident Injury Rehabilitation Golden ValleyEven a very minor car accident that was not your fault can cause you long standing health issues. When the injuries are severe, they are often treated right away (often at a hospital) and the diagnostic tools used can give you definitive answers about broken bones and other acute injuries. However, if your injuries do not present severely at the scene, you may head home, thinking how lucky you are. For some, that is the end of it – well, except for dealing with the damage to your vehicle, of course. For others, however, you may feel just fine right after the accident but then wake up with unusual soreness, a headache, soft tissue injury or neck pain Read Full Post

The Benefits of Cupping Therapy for Tight Shoulders

The Benefits of Cupping Therapy for Tight ShouldersShoulder tightness is a common ailment experienced by many, often resulting from a combination of stress, poor posture, and overuse of the shoulder muscles. At Advanced Medical of Twin Cities in Minnesota, we recognize the impact that tight shoulders can have on daily life, and our cupping therapy offers a non-invasive and effective solution to alleviate tension and restore mobility. Read Full Post

Golden Valley Winter Wellness With Holistic Solutions

Winter Wellness and Holistic SolutionsAs winter settles over Golden Valley  Minnesota, the change in weather often brings about unique health challenges. From increased joint pain to seasonal affective disorder (SAD), the winter months can take a toll on overall well-being. At Advanced Medical of Twin Cities, we understand the importance of holistic healthcare, especially during this time of year, and offer a range of solutions to help you navigate winter wellness with resilience and vitality. Read Full Post

Relieving Chronic Knots in Runners with Cupping Therapy

Relieving Chronic Knots in Runners with Cupping TherapyFor runners in Minnesota, chronic knots and muscle tightness are often part and parcel of the sport. Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or a casual jogger, the strain on muscles and connective tissues can lead to persistent discomfort. At Advanced Medical of Twin Cities, we understand the unique challenges runners face, and our cupping therapy offers a targeted approach to alleviate chronic knots and promote recovery. Read Full Post

The Impact of Physical Therapy on Post-Surgery Recovery

Undergoing surgery is a significant event in one’s life, and post-surgery recovery can be a challenging journey. At Advanced Medical of Twin Cities, we understand the importance of physical therapy in this process. In this blog post, we’ll explore how physical therapy can have a profound impact on post-surgery recovery.

Pain Management: One of the most immediate benefits of post-surgery physical therapy is pain management. Read Full Post

The Power of Functional Medicine

The Power of Functional MedicineWhen it comes to healthcare, we often seek solutions that address the root causes of our ailments and provide long-term relief. While you may be familiar with traditional medical approaches, there’s an underexplored treasure in the world of healthcare: Functional Medicine. Today, we’re shining a light on this valuable service offered by Advanced Medical of Twin Cities and how it can be a game-changer for your health and well-being. Read Full Post