Pain Rehab Clinic in Golden Valley, Minnesota

pain-rehab-clinic-in-golden-valley-minnesotaAdvanced Medical of Twin Cities is a trusted Pain Rehab Clinic in Golden Valley, Minnesota. Our staff are highly trained professionals who help many local clients make progress toward living a life with reduced pain and, in many cases, help them live pain-free. Our clinic operates on a model that combines cutting-edge chiropractic care, advanced nutrition, acupuncture, and massage. We work with our clients on an individual basis to develop a treatment plan that addresses each of their specific needs. Our approach is not only individualized, it is comprehensive. Read Full Post

How Often Should You Get Your Neck Adjusted?

How often should you get your neck adjustedAt Advanced Medical of Twin Cities, we love seeing our patients thrive. While many patients first visit due to an injury or a strain, it’s fun to see them now coming in just for wellness visits. We are frequently asked how often you should get your neck adjusted. While there are no specific time frames or point-blank answers, our professionals here at Advanced Medical of Twin Cities can help determine what is most appropriate for you.

In order to properly answer how often a person should get their neck adjusted, it’s important to first ask why. Why are you needing your neck adjusted in the first place? Are you injured? Are you in pain? Are you just coming in for routine work? Answering the why can almost always lead you to Read Full Post

Can a Chiropractor Help Me Sleep Better?

Can a Chiropractor Help Me Sleep Better?If you struggle for a good night’s sleep every night, you are no doubt wondering what can help you solve the problem. Sleep is important for your immune system and your mental and physical health. Chiropractic treatment is one safe and effective method for helping you sleep better. Chiropractic care can have a positive effect on your sleep patterns and the staff of Advanced Medical of Twin Cities has the experience, knowledge, and expertise to maximize the positive impact of chiropractic care on your sleep. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment to get you sleep night after night. You will be glad you did! Read Full Post

What happens when you get your neck adjusted?

Safe and Effective Chiropractic Neck TreatmentsThe team at Advanced Medical of Twin Cities is often asked by clients, “What happens when you get your neck adjusted?” A simple answer is that when your neck is treated by our staff, you are likely to feel immediate pain relief and also a possible reduction of stress. When you have your neck adjusted by our staff as part of a chiropractic treatment plan, the neck adjustment you receive will relieve pressure and pain in your neck.

A neck adjustment helps to realign the joints in your neck. Clients who receive neck adjustments from our staff often report an immediate and positive mental/psychological effect as a result of the lessening of pressure in the affected joints. The body’s natural pain reliever—endorphins—are released by the action of adjusting the spine Read Full Post

Hip Injury Treatment by Me

Hip Injury Treatment by MeAt Advanced Medical of Twin Cities, we provide a wide array of services to anyone seeking treatment in Golden Valley, MN. If you are looking for hip injury treatment for you or your loved one, consider getting treatment at a place where a multitude of health care providers are here to meet your needs. At Advanced Medical of Twin Cities, we provide hip injury treatment services in Golden Valley, MN.

When a hip injury occurs, there are a lot of different opinions and suggestions that you may receive from your primary care doctor. Between your actual injury and the overwhelming suggestions Read Full Post

Soft Tissue Treatment Near Me

Soft Tissue Treatment Near MeAdvanced Medical of Twin Cities provides soft tissue treatment in Golden Valley, MN. Soft tissue treatment usually consists of a combination of injury assessment by our staff, followed by treatment of the injury and management of pain and dysfunction associated with your injury. Soft tissue includes the tissue that supports, connects, and surrounds parts, structures and organs in our body. Advanced Medical of Twin Cities has expertise in providing expert treatment to people with injuries to their ligaments, tendons, fascia, nerves, and of course muscle tissue. If you are experiencing pain this is not normal and we can help. Read Full Post

Low Back Pain Rehab in St. Louis Park Area

Low Back Pain Rehab in St. Louis Park AreaLower back pain is an issue that can truly impact your daily living. It’s not an injury that can be ignored. Most people take their lower back for granted on a daily basis. However, once they experience a lower back injury, they quickly realize just how often our lower back is used for regular daily activities. If you are looking for low back pain rehab in the St. Louis Park area, our medical professionals at Advanced Medical of Twin Cities are eager to help you experience pain relief from this injury naturally.

Pain medication may be the first thing that you think of to help address your lower back pain. The issue, however, is that pain medication only temporarily provides relief from the low back pain. Whether you are dealing Read Full Post

Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft Tissue InjuriesAt Advanced Medical of Twin Cities, we regularly provide holistic care to those dealing with soft tissue injuries. Whether your injury occurred on the athletic field or it happened during a minor car accident in Minnesota, our team of experienced medical professionals are here to get you back to full strength.

The most common soft tissue injury that we address at Advanced Medical of Twin Cities is whiplash after a minor car accident. Whiplash Read Full Post

Total Wellness Facility

Total Wellness FacilityAdvanced Medical of Twin Cities is a local Total Wellness Facility that has a staff of doctors and rehab specialists that can help you achieve the goals you have for optimal health and wellness. Wellness is a commitment to making good decisions related to your overall health. Making this kind of commitment gives you a better chance of living a fulfilling life, free from illness and capable of recovering as quickly as possible from injury.
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Nutritional Counseling by Me

Nutritional Counseling in Golden ValleyAdvanced Medical of Twin Cities offers local nutritional counseling, and we have Registered Dietitians on staff who serve the people of Golden Valley, Minnesota and many other nearby communities. Our staff works hard to address the many different kinds of needs presented by nutritional deficits. It may be tempting to think that nutritional counseling extends only to issues of obesity and perhaps with eating disorders. While those health issues certainly fall into our scope, nutritional counseling includes so much more. Read Full Post