Work Injury Treatment | Chiropractic, Massage & Acupuncture MN

Work Injury Treatment | Chiropractic, Massage & Acupuncture MNBeing involved in a work injury can become overwhelming for many individuals because there’s a lot more that you have to deal with than just trying to recover from your injury. At Advanced Medical of Twin Cities, we have seen countless patients of ours struggle through the work injury treatment process on their own. In turn, we want to ensure that our patients know that if they have been injured at work, they are not alone. We offer effective natural treatment options such as chiropractic care, massage, and acupuncture in MN, but we can also help you with other aspects of the process as well. Read Full Post

Twin Cities Chiropractor

Twin Cities ChiropractorFor those who have never taken advantage of chiropractic care, you may not view it as much more than a minor spinal adjustment for minor back pain or maybe massage therapy following a car accident. However, the reality is that chiropractic care is every bit as versatile and effective as other categories of medical care. Of course, not all providers of chiropractic care are the same. Advanced Medical of Twin Cities has worked hard to earn a place in our community as a trusted provider of excellent health care. We earn the trust of our clients by delivering high quality chiropractic care by a staff that is trained, experienced and compassionate. Read Full Post

Benefits of Chiropractic after an Auto Accident

Benefits of Chiropractic after an Auto AccidentAuto accidents are terrible. Whether you are in a major or minor accident, no one considers being in an accident ‘a good time.’ Truly, it’s not like anyone walks out of their house in the morning and plans to get into a wreck. At Advanced Medical of Twin Cities, we hope that you never have to experience an auto accident. However if this does happen to you, it’s nice to have a plan of action. There are many benefits to seeking Chiropractic care after an auto accident and our team of professionals is always here to help. Read Full Post

Chiropractic Clinic in Golden Valley Minnesota

Chiropractic Clinic in Golden Valley MinnesotaWhen you find yourself struggling with an injury, what type of medical care do you seek to experience pain relief? At Advanced Medical of Twin Cities, we are eager to share a holistic and natural medical treatment option designed to help you get back to full strength without relying on pain medication or an invasive procedure. Our medical professionals accomplish this through chiropractic care. As a chiropractic clinic in Golden Valley, Minnesota, we’re eager to share with you the many benefits of chiropractic care. Read Full Post

Headache/Migraine Relief Chiropractic Clinic in MN

Headache/Migraine Relief Chiropractic Clinic in MNHaving to deal with headaches or even worse, migraines, can be debilitating. It can turn a good day quickly into a bad day. If you continuously rely on pain relief medication when a headache or migraine occurs, do you really think that things will get better for you in the future? Now is the time for you to consider another alternative to help you experience natural headache/migraine relief. As a chiropractic clinic in MN, our team at Advanced Medical of Twin Cities is here to help you overcome these overwhelming headaches or migraines. Read Full Post

Acupuncture Clinic Golden Valley MN

Acupuncture Clinic Golden Valley MNLooking for an acupuncture clinic in the Golden Valley, MN area? For all of your acupuncture needs, our professionals are here to help. At Advanced Medical of Twin Cities, we are a state-of-the-art facility that believes acupuncture is a holistic healing system that should never be overlooked. Therefore, our providers make acupuncture treatments available to all of our patients in Golden Valley, MN for both routine and acute care. Read Full Post

Is there a Time Limit to file a Claim for a Car Accident?

Is there a Time Limit to file a Claim for a Car Accident?A car accident comes without any warning and can leave you and the passengers in your vehicle with a wide variety of injuries, some that present themselves quickly and others that may not show themselves for some time. Car accidents are incredibly jarring both physically and emotionally. Suddenly, whether the accident was your fault or not, you are faced with hospital bills, missed work, car repair bills and the need for time to heal. Seeking medical care should always be your first priority after a car accident. Read Full Post

Causes of Back Pain

Causes of Back PainAll around the world, people are complaining about their backs. From minor to major back pain, this injury can inhibit our quality of life and diminish our spirits. It is a well- known fact that back pain is the leading cause of disability in America, and over 31 million Americans have experienced some sort of back pain in their adulthood. There are so many reasons that back pain can occur. Understanding the cause of your back pain can significantly improve your back pain treatments. Read Full Post

Minor Car Accidents

Minor Car AccidentsIt may be tempting to think that the only reason to seek chiropractic care following a car accident is if the accident was major and the injuries incurred were serious or debilitating. However, there are two important points that must be made. First is that minor car accidents can often result in nagging, painful, and/or debilitating injuries. Second is that even minor injuries from minor car accidents can require the expertise that the staff of Advanced Medical of Twin Cities can provide you. Read Full Post

Vehicle Accident Physical Therapist

Vehicle Accident Physical TherapistIn America on average, there are over 50 million car accidents a year. Unfortunately, our reality is that car accidents do happen and our statistics for getting in our own accidents grow more and more every day. Car accidents can range in severity. From a minor accident to some so severe that death occurs. No matter how severe of an accident you are in, an automobile accident can be physically, mentally and financially draining. If you are injured in an accident, consider visiting a vehicle accident physical therapist here at Advanced Medical of Twin Cities. Read Full Post