Identifying the Root of your Chronic Pain IssueSo many people dealing with an injury never actually get to the root of their injury or condition. Instead, they rely on temporary solutions that may relieve the pain, but do not address any of the underlying medical issues that may exist. So, if you are sick of relying on pain medication for just temporary relief and are ready to identify the root of your chronic pain issue, our team at Advanced Medical of Twin Cities is the perfect partner for you.

Effectiveness of Chiropractic Care

Whether you’ve recently been involved in a car accident and the chronic pain will not go away or if you have a chronic injury that incurred on the athletic field, chiropractic care is a natural treatment plan that first identifies the root of your chronic pain issue. From there, our licensed chiropractors utilize chiropractic adjustments and manipulations to help get your body back into proper alignment. Getting your body and your spine back into proper alignment through chiropractic care means that the added pressure, which may be causing the chronic pain, can be addressed directly.

Unique Treatment Plan for each Patient

As humans, we’re all dealing with different types of injuries and chronic pain. The root of your chronic pain issues could be completely different than the root of another patient’s pain issues. The good news is that it is not your responsibility to determine the root of your chronic pain issues, it’s the responsibility of our holistic medical team at Advanced Medical of Twin Cities. From the minute you enter our office for the first time, you’ll receive personalized care from our dedicated medical professionals. After your initial chronic pain assessment, our staff will incorporate multiple treatment options to develop a unique treatment plan that will identify and treat your chronic pain issues. Depending on your needs, our staff may incorporate one or more of our proven natural treatment solutions, which include:

Life is too short to continue living with the chronic pain issues that are wearing you down. Instead of masking these issues, team up with our experienced staff at Advanced Medical of Twin Cities and let us help identify the root of your chronic pain issues once and for all. To set up your initial assessment with our holistic medical professionals and to take the first step towards true chronic pain relief, give our office a call today at (763) 541-1280.