Cupping Therapy Golden Valley

Cupping Therapy Golden ValleyIf you’ve heard of cupping therapy but are unsure of what it entails, feel free to read more about this new service we now offer at Advanced Medical of Twin Cities. Feel free to reach out to our office if you have any questions about cupping therapy after reading this in-depth blog.

There is some confusion surrounding where cupping actually originated. Some claim that the Read Full Post

The Benefits of Cupping Therapy for Tight Shoulders

The Benefits of Cupping Therapy for Tight ShouldersShoulder tightness is a common ailment experienced by many, often resulting from a combination of stress, poor posture, and overuse of the shoulder muscles. At Advanced Medical of Twin Cities in Minnesota, we recognize the impact that tight shoulders can have on daily life, and our cupping therapy offers a non-invasive and effective solution to alleviate tension and restore mobility. Read Full Post

Relieving Chronic Knots in Runners with Cupping Therapy

Relieving Chronic Knots in Runners with Cupping TherapyFor runners in Minnesota, chronic knots and muscle tightness are often part and parcel of the sport. Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or a casual jogger, the strain on muscles and connective tissues can lead to persistent discomfort. At Advanced Medical of Twin Cities, we understand the unique challenges runners face, and our cupping therapy offers a targeted approach to alleviate chronic knots and promote recovery. Read Full Post

Cupping Therapy In The Twin Cities

Cupping Therapy In The Twin CitiesHave you ever noticed people with striking red circles on their backs or around their bodies? Well, those are the results of cupping therapy – an increasingly popular treatment which has gained recognition over the last decade for its potential benefits such as extracting toxins, relieving pain, and more!

Cupping involves heating glass or plastic cups to place on certain areas of your body. This creates heat, which causes suction. The cup draws blood and stagnant blood towards the surface, stimulating Read Full Post

Primary Benefits Of Cupping Therapy

primary-benefits-of-cupping-therapyAt Advanced Medical of Twin Cities we’re constantly looking for additional holistic ways to help our patients deal with varying levels of chronic pain. We’ve recently added cupping therapy and have seen great results from many of our patients. Cupping is a complement to many of our other treatment methods that are used in our chiropractic clinic to help our patients break free from a life of pain. Read on to learn more about cupping therapy and how it can help with your pain. Read Full Post