Dealing With Neck SpasmsA neck spasm is a sudden tightening and tension in the muscles of the neck. If you experience a neck spasm, it often feels like a sharp pain occurring in one or more areas of the neck and may be followed or accompanied by deep muscle pain that makes movement uncomfortable. Common activities that can cause neck spasms include working at a computer, slouching, bending the head up or down for long periods of time, side-sleeping or back-sleeping on a pillow not suited for your body, exercising vigorously, or excessive stretching. Severe neck spasms can occur as the result of a torn muscle in the neck (a result of physical overexertion), as well as from stress-related tension originating from anxiety or other mental and physical distress.

Can Neck Spasms Be A Sign Of A Larger Problem?

Besides the common causes for spasms in the neck, there can be more serious reasons for the spasms. These include whiplash, meningitis, spinal stenosis, joint disorders, herniated discs, as well as a few others. Most neck spasms have a common cause. If caused by an injury, it is essential to speak to a doctor straight away. A person should also speak to a doctor if their symptoms are very severe or last longer than a week.

Will A Chiropractic Treatment Relieve The Pain That Neck Spasms Are Causing Me?

Chiropractic treatment for neck spasms is very effective. Chiropractic care focuses on the neuromusculoskeletal system, all of which is involved in the pain associated with neck spasms. The neuromusculoskeletal system is made up of the nervous system, the muscular system, and the skeletal system. When a chiropractor delivers treatment to these systems (often in the form of a cervical manipulation or adjustment), it helps to rebalance the entire network of systems. Chiropractic treatment for neck spasms will aid in realigning the skeletal structure of the area, releasing any tight muscles, and alleviating pressure from nerves that are inflamed or compressed. Regular chiropractic treatment helps to keep the neck soft and limber, improves circulation, decreases tension, and helps to facilitate healing and recovery from injuries.

Chiropractor Help With Neck Spasms

With the right chiropractic care, patients have found immediate relief from neck spasms, regardless of their cause. It is possible to be pain free with just a few treatments. From acupuncture to massage therapy to corrective exercise, there are options. The natural solutions provided by an experienced chiropractic team can both remedy your current neck pain and help strengthen your body to prevent pain in the future. Call Advanced Medical of Twin Cities at (763) 541-1280 or get in touch online to make pain free your new normal today!