How often should you get your neck adjustedAt Advanced Medical of Twin Cities, we love seeing our patients thrive. While many patients first visit due to an injury or a strain, it’s fun to see them now coming in just for wellness visits. We are frequently asked how often you should get your neck adjusted. While there are no specific time frames or point-blank answers, our professionals here at Advanced Medical of Twin Cities can help determine what is most appropriate for you.

In order to properly answer how often a person should get their neck adjusted, it’s important to first ask why. Why are you needing your neck adjusted in the first place? Are you injured? Are you in pain? Are you just coming in for routine work? Answering the why can almost always lead you to finding out how frequently your adjustments should be. Chiropractic neck adjustments involve your cervical vertebrae. This portion of your spine is crucial to your quality of life. When this area is injured or inflamed, problems like muscle spasms, strains, pinched nerves and other symptoms can occur. Whether you are dealing with chronic poor posture that has developed a strain overtime, or a more acute injury like a car accident, taking the time to realign your cervical vertebrae is very important. Without proper alignment of your neck, the rest of your body will fall short of achieving optimum wellness.

Why Should You Get Neck Adjustments?

Acute Injuries
Truthfully, it’s a bit difficult to tell someone how often they should get their neck adjusted without an assessment. If you are getting your neck adjusted due to an acute injury that has recently occurred, expect to come once or twice a week in the beginning and then perhaps once a week for the next few weeks until you are fully healed. Obviously, there is no one right answer to this and the frequency can always change depending on the injury and severity.

Routine Adjustments
For more routine neck adjustments, we can approach it more systematically depending on your body. Some patients enjoy regular adjustments every four weeks while others find every two weeks beneficial. At Advanced Medical of Twin Cities, we will work with you to determine just how often you need to get your neck adjusted.

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