Shoes and Back Pain Golden ValleyShoes and Back Pain, Whenever a doctor mentions shoes we instantly think of expensive, awkward looking orthopedic shoes. Where as orthopedic shoes could be very good for you just following some simple advice when buying shoes can go a long way in reducing stress on your back and therefore back pain.

Here are some tips when buying shoes:

Make sure the shoes fit

A shoe doesn’t necessarily fit because you can put it on. There should be a minimum of a quarter of an inch space between the end of the toe and the toe box. The toes should be able to move freely inside the shoe but not have so much space where the foot slides within the shoes. Remember a shoe should fit in width too.

If the shoes feel tight DO NOT BUY them, no matter how good they look. I know many of us have though: “after I break into them they’ll be more comfortable” but the truth is a shoe that is tight at time of purchase will wreak havoc with your back. Also feet tend to swell toward the end of the day so any expansion that might happen to the shoes through the break in period barely makes up for the regular daily changes in your feet.

Check shoe stability

Try on both shoes, unless you plan to be wearing only one of them. Check how stable they feel when you walk. You should have a full range of motion but still feel a good stable grip.

Stay away from high heals. You are looking for something that gives you support throughout your walking and standing activities. Also high heals increase pressure on your lower back increasing the possibility of back pain.

Make sure the shoes are comfortable

There are several factors that go into comfortable shoes. One of them is flexibility. Too stiff shoes are uncomfortable and don’t allow the foot to roll enough to absorb the shock of each step causing additional stress on the back.

Check for Support

Now ensure shoes provide support to every area of your foot. Orthodontics or arch support inserts can improve shoe support and if you plan to use them bring them with you when you purchase the shoes. But don’t buy shoes that provide little support hoping that someday you’ll take the time to get some inserts for them.

Custom Mold Orthotics

We do offer at our clinic custom mold orthotics to help improve your posture, enhance your body’s performance and efficiency, reduce pain, and contribute to your total body wellness. Ask us about them next time you come in or call us at (763) 541-1280

Having good shoes is a good step toward improving posture and reducing back pain. At the same time bad shoes are by far not the only reason for back pain. If you suffer from back pain come in for a visit.