Signs You Need A Chiropractor After A Car AccidentIf you have been involved in an automobile accident, then you likely understand how painful injuries can feel. While symptoms may resolve themselves with time and rest, treatment for permanent and life-altering damage should often include chiropractic care as part of treatment for injuries sustained in an accident. But knowing when it’s necessary can be tricky – when do I require chiropractic treatment for my injury?

Auto accidents can cause injuries to your neck, back and joints. Whiplash is the most prevalent and widely known car accident injury. While whiplash itself does not typically result in permanent injuries, its symptoms could indicate more serious problems with your health; an accident doctor can evaluate your case to identify whether they require further medical treatment.

Stiffness: While many may not experience pain from their car accident, others will notice stiffness in specific parts of their bodies after an impact – most commonly in the neck, upper back, shoulders, arms and shoulders, which could indicate future health concerns.

Numbness: Numbness can affect many areas of the body due to damage to nerves and spine. All these conditions may result in numbness or tingling, and these injuries most frequently arise from neck and back accidents resulting in neck or back injuries; often overlooked when evaluating health status.

Headaches: Car accident headaches typically result from whiplash, concussion, or any kind of head trauma; any impact to the head could cause pain. Concussion symptoms typically include headaches, confusion, dizziness and blurred vision as well as memory problems such as balance issues or memory loss; furthermore, a concussion must be treated by medical professionals immediately to avoid further brain damage and further symptoms such as memory issues arising later.

Sleep Disturbances: Insomnia or sleep disturbances after a car crash often stem from physical pain. But car accidents can also leave victims with emotional and psychological scars, which may be equally debilitating as any physical symptoms; furthermore, this emotional damage tends to take longer to appear than its physical equivalents.

Auto Accident Pain Relief Golden Valley MN

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