Golden Valley AcupuncturistFor over five thousand years, acupuncture treatment has been a part of traditional Chinese Medicine, healing with skilled precision and technique. While acupuncture treatment is one of the oldest recorded systems of medicine in the world, it has recently become increasingly popular here in the Golden Valley, Minnetonka, and Plymouth, MN areas. At Advanced Medical of Twin Cities, we proudly offer acupuncture to our clients as a way of treating an assortment of physical, emotional, and mental ailments.

What is Acupuncture?

When people think of acupuncture treatment, especially when they have no prior knowledge of it, it’s common that they immediately think of pain. Acupuncture is the process in which a trained practitioner uses thin needles that are inserted into the body to alleviate the illness or ailment. So naturally, people assume that the insertion of these thin needles are painful. Our patients at Advanced Medical of Twin Cities are pleasantly surprised to discover that acupuncture is much more of a comfortable and relaxing experience than they first imagined. With clean needles as thin as hair, our patients are less concerned about the act of acupuncture and more excited about the results it produces.

When is Acupuncture Useful?

Most commonly, people will seek acupuncture treatment for pain relief. Things like neck pain, stiffness, shoulder pain, sports injuries, and other physically related problems are common reasons that people seek acupuncture treatments. However, acupuncture has a multitude of uses. From addictions, allergies, fatigue, insomnia, and even trouble getting pregnant, acupuncture treatment has been a great way to help aid healing. As an all natural form of medicine, it helps to stimulate the body’s innate healing abilities and restore balance and health back into the body. Patients have said that not only is it not a painful experience, it actually produces a sense of calm and serenity during the process.

Advanced Medical of Twin Cities has been serving Golden Valley, Minnetonka, and Plymouth, MI for many years. We take a holistic care approach to every patient that walks through our door. Our goal is to provide you with optimal health and reduce disease risk. This is why our state-of-the-art health facility was determined to offer a place that offers quality acupuncture treatments with certified professionals that understand the art of acupuncture. For more information about acupuncture treatments in the Golden Valley, Minnetonka, and Plymouth, MN areas, give Advanced Medical of Twin Cities a call today at (763) 541-1280.