Certified Chiropractic Orthopedist Near Plymouth, MNChiropractic care is a form of natural medicine that uses hands-on spinal manipulation and other natural treatments to properly align the body’s musculoskeletal structure and enable healing for oneself versus utilizing surgical or other medical interventions. A Certified Chiropractic Orthopedist goes a step further in their involvement with the body and focuses on all different types of musculoskeletal problems that relate to bone, joints, discs, muscles, ligaments, tendons, etc.  At Advanced Medical of Twin Cities, we are proud to offer chiropractic orthopedic services in and around Plymouth, MN. We believe that this practice takes on an even more holistic approach to healing and health.

Injury Rehabilitation

There are so many different injuries amongst us that range in severity, duration and overall toll on the body. Whether you were injured in a car accident or sprained your ankle while walking the dog, Advanced Medical of Twin Cities is here to help you recover. Through chiropractic orthopedics, we will do an entire assessment of your body and symptoms. We will discuss the nature of the injury and inquire about its severity through examination and assessment. We will then come up with a health plan that allows your body to heal and strengthen. We not only look at the manipulation of your spine, but also look towards strengthening the joints, muscles, tendons, etc that may have been affected. This ultimately helps your body achieve optimal performance in a timely manner.

Stress Relief with Chiropractic Orthopedics

The amount of stress one body can endure is remarkable. There are many different ways that chiropractic care can help alleviate your stress and help to center your body more. Specific to chiropractic orthopedics, certain parts of your body may hold or cause more stress to you overall. Having an experienced chiropractic orthopedist evaluate and address your needs could save you from the aches, pains, and irritability that stress seems to carry. Reducing your stress naturally through chiropractic orthopedics is a simple and effective way to achieve total body wellness.

If you are looking for a Chiropractic Orthopedist in the Plymouth, MN area, it’s time to stop looking and to turn to Advanced Medical of Twin Cities. Our chiropractors and other medical staff are ready to help you achieve the wellness you’ve been desperately searching for. For more information give us a call today at (763) 541-1280.