Chiropractic treatment for CirculationIs it possible for treatment provided by a chiropractor to improve circulation? In a word, yes. And when that treatment is provided by Advanced Medical of Twin Cities, you can feel confident knowing that your treatment is provided with care, kindness, expertise, and professionalism. We have worked hard not just to become experts in chiropractic care, but to provide that care in a way that provides reassurance and support to our clients. If you have been dealing with any of the various symptoms that can result from poor circulation, please consider scheduling an appointment with us. Relief from those symptoms—which can include headaches, dizziness, nausea, and visual problems –can be a direct result of a chiropractic adjustment.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care on Circulation

Chiropractic adjustments help to improve circulation by treating the joint restrictions and dysfunctions present in the spine, and releasing pressure from the nerves and restoring circulation. Improved circulation is not necessarily thought of immediately when people consider the potential benefits of chiropractic care, but it is indeed a direct benefit. Circulatory problems can occur for a number of reasons, including hypertension (high blood pressure), nerve damage, the effects of smoking, and others. When blood flow is restricted to the brain, you can experience severe headaches, dizziness, and in more severe cases strokes. Whatever may be causing your issues of circulation, we can help you. Recent research finds that chiropractic care relieves pain in people who had experienced neck pain and/or upper back pain, and scans of study participants’ brains indicated that blood flow had improved, very likely because of the chiropractic treatment they had received.

Comprehensive Chiropractic Services

The Advanced Medical of Twin Cities staff understands how to provide the greatest benefits of chiropractic care. If you have any symptoms associated with circulation issues, our staff will help you find the source of the issue and develop a treatment plan that will help you find relief from those issues. We know, for instance, that spinal adjustments—what most people understand as the quintessential chiropractic care technique—relieve pressure from nerves, which encourages blood to flow more freely. Massage is another technique our staff offers, and when included as part of your treatment plan, that also improves overall circulation.

If you are concerned about a circulation issue, now is a great time to contact Advanced Medical. We offer evening and weekend appointments so that you can get a convenient appointment quickly. Call us at 763-541-1280 to schedule an appointment today!