Hip Pain Relief NaturallyAt Advanced Medical of Twin Cities, hip pain is a common complaint that patients come in with. In most cases, the hip pain has just developed or they’ve been unable to find relief from the injury through traditional medicine remedies. At Advanced Medical of Twin Cities, we work to alleviate hip pain naturally. If you have been suffering from hip pain, it’s time to make an appointment at Advanced Medical and begin the healing process naturally.

We have seen numerous patients with hip pain, many of them coming in for different reasons. Our most common types of hip pain that we work to relieve naturally include arthritis and bursitis, sciatica, physical overuse of the hips, and trauma. Each of these reasons are important to differentiate as our treatment plan may vary greatly.

Arthritis, Bursitis Pain Relief

At Advanced Medical we work to find the cause of your pain so that we can better serve you in relieving it naturally. For instance, arthritis, bursitis and other inflammatory diseases that may cause hip pain is mostly due to swelling within that joint. Working to alleviate that swelling will reduce the inflammation and provide you with relief. Sciatica, on the other hand, is caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve. In this instance, we would work to find the location of that pressure and release the sciatic nerve. Trauma and overuse are similar in that no treatment is ever the same. We must find the area that is causing pain and work to fix the root of your pain. At Advanced Medical of Twin Cities, no one treatment plan is the same as hip pain can always present differently.

Hip Pain Relief Naturally

Advanced Medical of Twin Cities works on behalf of our patients. We want you to take the best course of treatment for your body. While we treat every hip pain differently, most pain alleviating medications all work the same, never actually pinpointing the cause and only treating the symptoms. Many times, hip pain can lead to lots of prescription medications and sometimes even surgery. At Advanced Medical of Twin Cities, we want to avoid that altogether.

If you are ready to achieve hip pain relief naturally, give Advanced Medical of Twin Cities a call today. We offer non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical, all-natural hip pain relief. For a free consultation, call us today at (763) 541-1280.