Total Wellness FacilityAdvanced Medical of Twin Cities is a local Total Wellness Facility that has a staff of doctors and rehab specialists that can help you achieve the goals you have for optimal health and wellness. Wellness is a commitment to making good decisions related to your overall health. Making this kind of commitment gives you a better chance of living a fulfilling life, free from illness and capable of recovering as quickly as possible from injury.

Life does not always cooperate, however, and most of us find ourselves dealing with setback of one kind or another. The team at Advanced Medical of Twin Cities can provide care for many different types of injuries and illnesses that affect people. Below are just some of the conditions we have experience treating:

● Injuries resulting from automobile accidents
● Work-related injuries
● Headaches (including migraines)
● Arthritis
● Lower back pain
● Neck pain
● Nutrition concerns
● Stress

Most of our treatment regiments fall into the categories of chiropractic care, massage therapy, and acupuncture. Our staff has extensive experience and training in these treatment methods, and we work hard to develop the most effective treatment plan that will return you to full health and wellness as quickly as possible.

Chiropractic Care

If the condition you are experiencing relates to spinal alignment, chiropractic care is likely to offer immediate and long-term relief from the pain that stems from the condition. Improved alignment of the spine allows the muscles that support you to do their job with decreased stress and spasming. To provide the best chiropractic care requires rigorous training, keeping current with new research, and of course excellent communication skills. Communicating effectively with our clients allows them to recognize the investment that our chiropractic staff have in their overall wellness and the more immediate concerns of their recovery.

Massage Therapy

As mentioned above, the pain associated with an alignment issue can be exacerbated by muscle pain. The muscles associated with keeping our bodies upright are almost always working hard. When we have an injury that creates misalignment, those muscles can spasm, creating on-going and intense pain. Combined with chiropractic alignment, massage therapy can help those stressed and painful muscles relax and do their job more efficiently and without pain.


The ancient practice of acupuncture is an important specialty offered by Advanced Medical of Twin Cities. Not only can it provide an important complement to chiropractic care and massage therapy, acupuncture is an extremely effective tool even used on its own.
To achieve total wellness, call us at (763) 541-1280 to schedule an appointment with our team.