Improving Your Posture To Relieve Back PainWhile maintaining good posture might sound like something your parents lectured your younger self about, good posture has a lot of benefits. Maintaining good posture is also one of the easiest changes you can do to improve your health.

Why good posture matters: Modern American life has become extremely sedentary. Office work, commuting, watching TV, playing video games, reading, etc. all involve a lot of sitting and not enough movement. Worse, we frequently slouch while sitting.

Bad posture’s negative effects on health: Besides the obvious back problems poor posture causes, the other negative effects on your health include headaches, jaw pain, digestive issues, shallow breathing, circulation issues, increased deterioration of joints, muscle aches, arthritis, and more.

Benefits of good posture: Fortunately, bad posture is easy to correct. All it takes is some conscious awareness and discipline until good posture becomes a habit. Benefits of good posture include improved appearance and height, decreased fatigue, back pain prevention, less muscle pain and strains, better circulation, enhanced digestion, decreased arthritis pain, and promotes proper breathing.

Standing and sitting with good posture: To stand properly, stand with your shoulders back, your head up, and stomach pulled in. That said, don’t be extreme. The need for excessively stiff straight posture is a myth. When sitting in a chair, keep your buttocks against the back of the seat with your legs bent 90 degrees, perpendicular to the floor, with feet flat on the floor and weight balanced between both legs. If you’re at a table or desk, you can rest your elbows or forearms on the surface to remove pressure from your shoulders. Also, get up and walk around every 30 minutes. Bodies are meant to move so sitting too much causes strain. It’s also perfectly fine to use chair supports to help you maintain correct sitting posture.

Chiropractic Care For Posture Or Related Pains

Despite your best efforts, you may find that you end up with a sore back, neck, or shoulders anyway. That’s where the specialists at Advanced Medical of the Twin Cities come in. Some back pain stems from structural problems, such as spinal misalignment, muscle spasms, trigger points, disc issues, and damaged ligaments. In these cases, we can treat you accordingly with chiropractic care, soft tissue treatments, massage therapy, exercise, rehabilitation therapy, and posture correction. Schedule an appointment by calling our friendly staff or booking online today.