Injury Treatment Following A Car AccidentThe automobile is an amazing machine. It is one of the most important inventions of the last century, and because of its practicality and availability to so many around the world, it may even be a more impressive and useful invention than the airplane or the space shuttle. The automobile takes us to the grocery store, which is usually within a few miles of our homes, and it can also take us across an entire continent, if we choose. As amazing an achievement as the automobile is, it is not perfect. Vehicles can show their imperfections when they are involved in accidents. Even the safest automobiles cannot protect passengers from injury in all accidents. Advanced Medical of Twin Cities understands this reality, and we have made ourselves experts in helping people injured in car accidents return to full health.

Injury Treatment After A Car Accident

A major auto accident is an obvious source of physical injury and psychological trauma. The force of impact when one car hits another, or collides with some other immovable object, will almost certainly result in physical injury to the passengers of that vehicle. If the injuries are severe enough to require surgery and significant time spent in physical rehabilitation, the kind of services provided by Advanced Medical of Twin Cities can do a lot to help a person return to full health.

When we think of auto accidents, our minds tend to go in the direction of the major accident that might have been fatal for one or more people, if not for one seemingly insignificant factor or another. But it is not just the scary impacts and near misses that can cause a person to need help. Many of our clients who have sought our help after auto accidents describe fender benders or even simply backing into a utility pole. A minor accident can cause a sudden jolt of the body, resulting in whiplash or spinal misalignment.

Chiropractic Care For Auto Accident Injuries

Minor impact (which may not even result in any discernible damage to the vehicle) can result in major pain. Advanced Medical of Twin Cities’ staff provides relief and rehabilitation by means of the most important treatments in chiropractic care: chiropractic adjustment, massage therapy, and acupuncture. Chiropractic adjustment realigns the spinal column, helping the body regain balance. Massage therapy soothes and promotes healing in injured muscle tissue. And acupuncture stimulates the body’s healing mechanisms. The combination is a powerful one in response to injuries incurred in auto accidents, regardless of the severity of the accident. Call us at (763) 541-1280 to schedule an appointment.