Minimizing Workplace InjuriesMany of our patients spend a great deal of time sitting at desks. While research has clearly shown that sitting too often is detrimental for your spine, what can be done if this is necessary for work? Here are our top tips for improving the workplace so you feel more relaxed at the end. Advanced Medical of the Twin Cities offers personalized treatment plans if you are suffering from back or neck pain.

Consider the style of your desk when selecting its location: Though it may seem impossible to do much about your desk at present, there are a variety of standing desk options that you can select from. Standing desks relieve some pressure off your back and improve posture; standing also makes it harder for poor sitting habits to develop. If standing desks aren’t an option for you, set an alarm to get up at least once an hour and move around.

When selecting a chair for your office, take into consideration the type of ergonomic it will offer: When looking for a chair to support your posture and provide comfort, adjustable heights, arm support and swivel/roll capabilities are key features to look for. These features will enable you to sit comfortably without any discomfort.

Measure the height of your computer screen in inches: Your computer screen should never be higher than your eye level. Make sure your head is level; even a slight tilt can lead to problems with neck and shoulders in the future. If you use a laptop for work, consider investing in either a stand or stacking some books to keep it at eye level.

Understanding the dangers of prolonged sitting: It wasn’t designed for people to sit around all day. Your body requires movement in order for optimal health; otherwise, the muscles and ligaments won’t get enough blood supply if you don’t move. These are just some of the negative consequences that sitting at a computer for too long can have on your wellbeing:

Spine Damage: Sitting all day can lead to pinched nerves or herniated discs in your spine, though these issues won’t affect lifespan directly, they may affect quality of life and longevity indirectly.
Computer eye strain: Computer eye strain affects nearly 90 percent of those who spend more than three hours using computers daily, leading to symptoms such as blurred vision and headaches.
Heart Health: Sitting down can prevent you from burning calories and getting the exercise that your body needs.

Reducing pain and increasing productivity: Chiropractic care for neck and back pain can be highly effective. Advanced Medical of the Twin Cities has a specialized team to help you if you are experiencing these discomforts due to workplace ergonomics. You’re guaranteed the highest quality medical doctors, chiropractors, and rehab therapists when you call us at (763) 541-1280 or make an appointment online today!