Effectively Handling the Back PainBack pain can truly be debilitating. For some, those body movements that used to be simple have become extremely painful because of your back pain. Back surgery is a very invasive procedure that requires a long recovery and oftentimes, you may need multiple surgeries to achieve relief. Before committing to that intense recovery plan, our team at Advanced Medical of Twin Cities encourages you to consider our natural back pain recovery options. Using all natural medical treatment methods, we can help your back heal and recover on its own without pain medication.

There are a lot of reasons why individuals struggle with back pain. This type of bodily pain can be caused from overexerting yourself during exercise, athletics, cleaning, building, etc. Tension, misalignment of the spine, arthritic changes, poor posture, falls, pregnancy, and unhealthy spinal discs are just a few of the reasons that individuals from all ages struggle with back pain. In fact, back pain has been found to be the most common reason for people under age 45 to have activity limitation. This type of injury can derive from a recent injury or it may be that it has developed over time. Whichever situation you find yourself in, our dedicated team of medical professionals can effectively handle your pain.

Holistic Recovery Methods For Back Pain

The body is an amazing thing, if we give it a chance to show its brilliance. With just a little natural help from our medical team, you’ll find that your body can heal naturally from the back pain. Depending on what types of pain and symptoms you are dealing with, we’ll incorporate our holistic recovery methods to help get rid of the back pain naturally. Through our chiropractic treatments, our chiropractors will work to realign your spine so that your back and the rest of your body goes back to its proper alignment. In turn, you’ll feel natural back relief from the overexertion, strain, stress and pressure. Our spinal manipulations are effective, safe and can be utilized no matter what age you are. If chiropractic care isn’t enough, let our staff add in our proven massage therapy and acupuncture recovery methods into your personalized treatment plan.

Don’t continue living each day struggling with back pain. If you’d like to consider your natural back pain recovery options before committing to any type of invasive procedure, our crew at Advanced Medical of Twin Cities is the team for you. To schedule an appointment, give us a call today at (763) 541-1280.