Chiropractic Office Dealing With StressStress is no light matter. According to 2014 statistics, 77% of people who experience stress also regularly experience physical symptoms along with it. There are several published studies and articles that correlate stress with both psychological and physical impairments. Stress is real and can do detrimental things to your body. At Advanced Medical of Twin Cities, we are here to help with your stress. If you live in the Golden Valley, Plymouth, or Minnetonka, MN area, we can help your body heal from stress. No one should be overloaded and bare that kind of weight. Let us offer up our stress remedies so that your body can begin to heal naturally.

Symptoms of Stress

Sometimes when we are in the thick of a stressful situation or time in our lives, it’s hard to recognize that our stress level is through the roof. Ultimately, no matter what has been causing your stress, the only way to remedy it is to confront it. Knowing some of the symptoms of stress is extremely helpful in completing the first step – seeking help. Here are some of the primary symptoms associated with stress:

● Headaches
● Digestive trouble
● Allergies
● Irritability
● Fatigue
● Difficulty sleeping
● Aches and pains

Stress Overload

So what happens when you let stress overtake your body and begin to affect you physically? Stress will typically attack in areas that your body is weak or has been injured in the past. So for someone who has a bad heart – heart attacks can occur. Additionally, someone with a damaged neck or back can experience headaches, low back pain, circulation problems, etc. If any of this is happening to you or a loved one, they may be dealing with stress and will gravely benefit from stress treatments at Advanced Medical of Twin Cities.

Stress Healing Starts Here

Advanced Medical of Twin Cities is a state of the art facility that focuses on holistic healing for all areas of the body. If stress is triggering symptoms for you, treating weaknesses in your physical body may help. Through spinal adjustments, acupuncture, nutritional advice, and massage therapy, we are here to help you heal. We will take a full assessment of you both physically and mentally and create a healing plan individualized to your needs.

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