Chiropractic Treatments For HeadachesHeadaches can be debilitating for many people. They can put a big damper on your day in a hurry. Minor headaches can cause unwanted pain and pressure that can have a direct impact on your productivity. For the more intense headaches, known as migraines, individuals often have to close themselves in a dark, quiet room to gain any type of relief. Studies have shown that approximately 45 million Americans suffer from regular headaches. If you live in Golden Valley, MN and you are sick of relying on headache medication as your only way to experience pain relief, our team at Advanced Medical of Twin Cities has a holistic solution for you.

Headache Medication is Not the Solution

When you are in the middle of an intense headache, you’ll do just about anything to experience some pain relief. Often times, headache medication is the first item that individuals reach for during a headache. Using these medications on a daily basis ends up causing more damage than good! Your body gets accustomed to this medication and can create a rebound effect, which causes more headaches to occur. As soon as that initial medication wears off, another headache sets in and you’re struggling with the pain again. In turn, you grab another pain pill, and the cycle continues.

Natural Solutions for Headaches

At Advanced Medical of Twin Cities, we provide our patients with a holistic treatment plan that focuses on getting your body back into proper alignment. Often times, headaches stem from irritation in the neck or a misaligned vertebrae. When you walk into our office seeking relief from ongoing headaches, we’ll evaluate your body and come up with a unique treatment plan centered around bringing your body back into proper alignment. In turn, you’ll begin to experience relief from your headaches naturally. Our medical professionals incorporate the following holistic treatment solutions to help you get rid of those recurring headaches:

Chiropractic Care
Massage Therapy

Don’t continue living your life struggling with headaches on a daily basis. Life is too short to live each day in pain. Rather than relying on headache medicine for temporary relief, count on holistic care for a true solution. If you are in Golden Valley, MN area, team up with our medical team at Advanced Medical of Twin Cities and let us create a custom treatment plan to help you get rid of those ongoing headaches. To learn more about our holistic services, give us a call today at (763) 541-1280.