Why Sports Massage TherapySports massage is a specific type of massage that can be used by athletes or those that exercise frequently and intensively, to alleviate muscle pain and improve athletic performance. Many professional athletes utilize the help of massage therapists in recovering from sports related injury or pain. It is common for sports teams to employ massage therapists to help with their team. Here is an overview of how athletes or those that actively work out can benefit from regular massage.

Sports massage can enhance recovery after exercise, as it helps to repair muscle damage. It is reported that up to 45% of the total time in therapy for sports-related injuries involves sports massage. The benefits of a sports massage also include increasing blood flow. There are several other benefits, some of which include:


● Reduction in muscle tension
● Increased range of motion
● Reduced swelling
● Decreased muscle soreness
● Break down of scar tissue
● Alleviate pain caused by physical activity
● Helps with injury prevention and recovery

Aiding With Muscle Soreness

Muscle soreness is common after exercise. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, soreness usually occurs 12 to 24 hours after the exercise. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness can produce greater pain 24-72 hours after exercise. If athletes or those who exercise get regular therapeutic massage treatments, then the muscle soreness can be prevented by increasing blood flow to the area.

Other Reasons To Get Sports Massage

Massage therapy can help manage and improve stress. Endorphins are released during massages which can not only act as a natural pain reliever but improve a person’s mood and anxiety levels. Sports massages are beneficial for preventing injury, restoring muscle tissue, and improving pain and soreness. Athletes can boost their performance and their physical and emotional health with regular massage.

If you are an individual who competes or performs athletically at a rate that may not allow the time for natural recovery, then finding a sports massage therapist would be beneficial to you. When selecting a sports massage therapist, discuss the details of your chosen sport, and verify their comfort level in working with your sport’s unique challenges.

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