Golden Valley, Plymouth, MinnetonkaLooking for Physical Rehabilitative Treatments in the Golden Valley, Plymouth, or Minnetonka, MN area? At Advanced Medical of Twin Cities, we offer services that will not only help you heal but enhance your quality of life as well. We are committed to helping you achieve optimal health and Physical Rehabilitative Treatments plays a key role in achieving this.

State-of-the-art Health Facility

As with any healthcare team, you are only as good as the environment that you surround yourself with. We are proud to be changing lives in our state-of-the-art facility and we are happy that our patients get to recover in a comfortable and healing centered environment. Our team is made up of medical doctors, chiropractors, rehab therapists and other health care providers that all work towards one goal: healing you. We believe that this type of environment cultivates education, teamwork, and a desire to provide the highest quality of health care to our patients. As soon as you enter our office, you can feel it in the atmosphere.

Physical Rehabilitative Treatments

As humans, the more and more research we do on ourselves and our bodies, the more we begin to lean towards natural and holistic care. This does not mean that if you are injured, you sit around your house and hope you get better. Instead, it is our job to focus on our weaker and/or injured areas and raise them to wellness. If you have suffered an accident or injury in the past, it’s important to seek therapy as soon as you can. Helping to keep up your strength and even range of motion in some areas will greatly speed up the recovery time. We accommodate so many different types and degrees of injury here at Advanced Medical of Twin Cities. When you come to us, we will do a thorough assessment and then begin to implement a personalized plan of action for you. We do this knowing that every patient is different and therefore, so is their healing and treatment process. Within Physical Rehabilitative Treatments, we will give you an individualized plan with exercises for stretching, strengthening, and even moving in general. We also offer massage therapy, acupuncture therapy, and chiropractic care so that healing can be taking place from all angles.

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