Injury Rehabilitation Golden ValleyThe benefits of chiropractic health care are countless and we at Advanced Medical of Twin Cities are experienced and ready to help you get back on the road to recovery. Our offices are located in Golden Valley, making it convenient for people who live in St. Louis Park and other nearby communities. One of our other specialties is Physical Rehabilitative Treatments, so if you have been in a car accident or have experienced any other kind of physical trauma, we have the staff who can provide the Physical Rehabilitative Treatments that will be right for you. The term ‘Physical Rehabilitative Treatments’ captures a large number of treatment options, and we can make sure you get started on the right treatment plan for you, that is tailored to your unique history and circumstances.

Physical Rehabilitative Treatments and Chiropractic Care

Our team is capable of helping you understand your specific issues and the best strategies for responding to them. Serving the people of St. Louis Park, our staff of exceptionally well trained practitioners provide relief to the physical issues that are disrupting your life, no matter how severe they may be. And if you are in need of Physical Rehabilitative Treatments following a work, sports, or car-accident injury, we can help you.

Car accidents that cause ongoing back pain are the classic example of an injury that is ideal for chiropractic treatment. Spinal adjustment is usually the first treatment that most people think about, and while it is a very effective treatment for many people, our professional commitment compels us to remain open to other treatment possibilities. Physical Rehabilitative Treatments may be another option for you following a car accident or workplace injury, and Physical Rehabilitative Treatments can also be highly effective when used alongside chiropractic treatments. Other issues that respond well to Physical Rehabilitative Treatments include carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and other chronic problems. We can help you strengthen the muscles around the injury to help you heal and prevent recurrence.

Achieve Optimal Health with Non-Invasive Therapies

In addition to the better known aspects of chiropractic care (namely, the controlled movement of limbs and spinal adjustment to alleviate pain), the staff of Advanced Medical of Twin Cities can also provide such services as acupuncture, the time-honored use of extremely fine needles applied to pressure points that results in the reduction of pain and improved overall health as well as massage therapy.

Our staff works hard to be on the forefront of chiropractic health care, and as a result we can offer advanced and cutting-edge techniques for pain relief that address (and relieve) your specific symptoms. Give us a call at (763) 541-1280 to schedule an appointment.