Stress Reduction In 2021

Stress Reduction In 2021Even though our country has not been able to put the difficulties related to the Covid-19 pandemic fully behind us, we have learned how to operate with a high degree of safety in the midst of it. Advanced Medical of Twin Cities has adopted safety protocols, like many other businesses, that all but eliminate the possibility of transmitting infection from one person to another. This is an essential element of our business and one that gives a sense of confidence to our clients. It is even more important because one of the cornerstones of our business is to encourage healthy living Read Full Post

Chiropractic Care Golden Valley – Injury Rehabilitation Facility

Golden Valley ChiropractorMany people experience day to day pain, especially in the back, neck and core area. This pain can be extremely troublesome, and can even lay you up in bed not allowing you to work, enjoy your daily activities, or even move around your own home to do daily tasks, spend time with your family or pets.

When looking for a chiropractor, you want to go somewhere that you can trust. When you work with our team at Advanced Medical of Twin Cities, we offer you the services of not only chiropractors but of medical doctors, therapists and a variety of health care providers. Read Full Post

Pain Management Doctor

Chiropractor Golden Valley MNManaging pain is a difficult thing to do, and in our society often times when people think about pain management the first thing that comes to mind is pain killers, muscle relaxers and other types of pharmaceuticals. Although these remedies can help give you a false sense of pain relief, they do not actually fix the problem, but only mask the issue and can create more serious problems in your life such as addiction.

When you decide that your pain is intolerable and you are looking for a solution to help increase your daily productivity and make your life better, considering alternative measurements is extremely beneficial and can help greatly improve your life. At Advanced Medical of Twin Cities, we offer a comprehensive approach to help benefit your life. Read Full Post

Chiropractic Clinic Golden Valley MN

Advanced Medical of Twin Cities staffAre you suffering the aftermath of an automobile injury, a workplace injury? Or, maybe you have struggled with lower back or joint pain since your days of high school sports. While the injury may be months or years old, you may still feel the long term effects in your day to day life. Chiropractic care is a safe and effective treatment for many different types of injuries or health conditions including injuries after a vehicle accident, work injuries, sports injuries, falls, headaches, back pain, knee pain and can even boost your immune system and help prevent future injury. The team at Advanced Medical of Twin Cities offers a comprehensive approach to healthcare which includes chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, rehab, nutrition and general medical care to clients living in and around Golden Valley and St. Louis Park, MN. Our team focuses on providing complete medical and physical health care so that you can reach your optimal health goals. Read Full Post

Acupuncture Treatment Near Me

Doctor of AcupunctureIf you’ve never received acupuncture treatments and you’re wondering whether you could benefit from acupuncture, it’s best to speak to an experienced natural medicine doctor. Acupuncture can have a long list of benefits for many individuals suffering from chronic pain, injuries, and a wide range of biochemical and physiological conditions and diseases. As a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to treat a long list of maladies, and it’s become recognized in the medical and natural medicine communities as a reliable form of treatment. If you’re looking for an acupuncturist in Golden Valley, St Louis Park, Richfield, Minnetonka or Plymouth, MN, Advanced Medical of Twin Cities is the place for you. With a mix of natural medicine doctors and practicing physicians, you can bet on receiving the best possible treatment from professionals who have the training and experience to perform acupuncture treatments. Read Full Post

5 Priceless Benefits of Sports Massage

An athlete’s body is their most valuable tool. Whether they’re sprinters, marathoners, out on the track or traversing the field, they need their body to be up for the next challenge ahead. Whether you’re a long-time athlete or just getting started with your training regimen, there are things you can be doing outside of your workouts or practices to make sure your body is ready for the next pulse-pounding event. When you adhere to a routine, whether it is regular strength training or cardio workouts, it’s important to let your muscles and joints rest and repair in between sessions. To help aid in times of recovery, sports massage can play a beneficial role you might not have considered before. The Certified Massage Therapists at Advanced Medical of Twin Cities know exactly how to assist you when you crave the right recovery for hardworking muscles. Whether you need a quick sports massage to prep for your next big competition or you simply need a something extra to aid in recovery, check out how different sports massage techniques can help you. We Understand How to Help You Best When you come through our doors, we never apply one-size-fits-all techniques. We take the time to get to know you, hear your needs and goals, and assess what the best course of action is. Our team approach ensures you’ll be getting the care you need no matter what your concerns are. We want to see you get back to what you love doing most, so getting your body back up and moving is our number one priority. Our massage therapists are experts in...